Tree and Shrub Programs
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Tree, Shrub & Lawn Care Specialists Serving Hamburg, Clarence, Buffalo, East Amherst, & Orchard Park, NY

Let our professional and experienced tree and shrub specialists solve your tree and shrub issues throughout the growing season. Our individually tailored treatments are based specifically on the needs of your landscape. We can inject custom-blended fertilizers into the root zone of your plants to give your landscape the opportunity for optimal color and growth.

Our treatments provide pest control!

Furthermore, our horticultural oil treatments will control those stubborn insects and mite pests. We can also provide regular monitoring, inspection and evaluation so your landscape is treated as needed to minimize problems and concerns. You can rest assured your landscape is in good hands.
Buffalo, NY, Lawn Care

Check Out our Tree and Shrub Programs:

1st: Early Spring Spray
Dormant oil is sprayed to control overwintering eggs and suffocate those pesky insects.

2nd: Spring Foliar Spray
Balanced fertilization with micro-nutrients.

3rd: Late Spring Foliar Spray
To control aphids: chewing and sucking insects. 
4th: Summer Foliar Spray
To control mites and other chewing and sucking insects.

5th: Deep Root Fertilization
Balanced fall fertilization.

6th: Anti-Desiccant Spray
A coating for evergreen trees and shrubs to prevent winter damage due to drying winds.

Please Be Aware:
Our Foliar Spray is designed to control a broad range of insect and disease problems. We will treat trees and shrubs up to 12 feet tall. We guarantee the quality of our products and their timely application.

For the trees and shrubs that exceed 12 feet tall, we utilize a specialized injection method that introduces fertilizers and insecticides directly into the system of the plant. These treatments are extra in cost and may be scheduled differently. 

To get a free estimate, please fill out our free estimate request form.  
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