Frequently Asked Questions
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Check Out Our Most Commonly Asked
Lawn Care Questions!

Do I need to be home when my application is done?
No. Most of our treatments are done while most people are at work. When you do get home, take a look in your invoice packet left by your technician. They may have left you with specific instructions regarding your lawn/landscape. For best results, please follow their advice.

Do I need to water in my treatment? 
For the fastest results and improvement, yes. Or, if you’d like, you can just wait for the rain.

What if it rains right after a treatment?
Don’t worry; fertilizer needs water in order to be activated. Weed control only takes 15-20 minutes to dry. After that, rain is actually beneficial. However, if you don’t see weeds curling 2 weeks after our application please let us know. We will reapply at no cost to you. 

Should I bag my clippings?
If you cut at the one third rule, no. The one third rule means never remove (cut) more than one third of the grass blade at one time. Excessive amounts of clippings may contain a good bit of fertilizer, and removing these clippings will in turn remove fertilizer from your lawn.

What about my bill?
An invoice will be left at the time of application. The invoice explains what was done to your lawn/landscape and what your responsibilities are, and it may have special instructions or notes from your technician. Payment is due upon receipt. At certain times, we accept seasonal prepayment. We accept MasterCard and Visa.

What if I need a reapplication or a service call?
Call us to schedule. Service calls are always free for 4 and 5 treatment customers.

I was looking out my front window, saw the technician spray the front lawn and leave. What about the back?
This is a very common question. The technicians start in the back, at the farthest corner, and "paint their way out." If you were not looking out the back, where they started, you probably missed them.

Do you have any other questions we didn't answer? Feel free to call us!

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