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Lawn Care Services in the
Hamburg; Clarence; East Amherst; North Tonawanda; Cheektowaga; Lancaster; Orchard Park; Buffalo, NY Areas

At Turftenders Inc, we offer our customers 5 lawn care applications to best fit their specific needs. We offer lawn care services throughout Western New York, including North Tonawanda, Clarence, East Amherst, Cheektowaga, Lancaster, Buffalo, Orchard Park and Jamestown, NY. 
Lawn Care, Buffalo, NY

The Lawn Care Professionals You Can Rely On

Turftenders Inc provides a variety of lawn care and pest control solutions throughout the year. Early Spring Application through Fall Application is needed for our satisfaction guarantee, but you can also add on our extended program, Winterizer, for even better results. Keep your lawn looking great all year long! Our team of lawn care experts have been providing residential & commercial clients with the best lawn care services for over 40 years. Call 716-333-0536 today to learn more about our lawn care programs!

1st: Early Spring Application

This application is a must. Annual grasses, including crabgrass, can only be controlled by preventing their germination. Our experts use liquid or a combination of granular fertilization and liquid during the application process. Besides fertilization, these materials carry a pre-emergent to control the germination of crabgrass seeds and other annual grasses, plus early broadleaf weed control.

2nd: Late Spring Application

Our experts use liquid or a combination of granular fertilization and liquid. This application plays a major part in killing broadleaf weeds in the spring. Keep in mind that weeds must be actively growing and visible to be controlled. If you are concerned about weeds, this application provides control in the months of May and June. Applications after mid-June may also receive an insecticide depending on weather conditions.

3rd: Summer Application
Insects start to come out to play in June and stay a problem for the rest of the summer months. Surface feeding insects like chinch bugs, sod webworms, and billbugs can destroy your lawn if not dealt with properly. For this problem, our experts will use a granular application, including fertilizer and insecticide. This application must be watered into the top inch of the soil to be effective. If weeds are not present, a spot weed control is sprayed. However, controlling weeds in the summer heat is not highly effective.

4th: Fall Application
Our experts use liquid or a combination of granular fertilization and liquid weed control. Weed growth increases with cooler temperatures, so fall provides an excellent time to control them.

5th: Winterizer
In late fall, a granular fertilizer is applied. The grass stores this fertilizer in its roots for use in the spring months. This helps the plant resist disease and stress brought on by the winter months.

Fill out our free estimate request form to determine if you're in need of our lawn care services for your Tonawanda or Buffalo, NY property needs.

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